Senate Delegation of Senators Heinrich and Udall tour the Facebook Data Center Construction Site in the Village of Los Lunas

On Tuesday, February 20th, 2018, the Senate Delegation of Senator Heinrich and Senator Udall, Ralph L. Mims, Economic Development Manager of the Village of Los Lunas, along with the Facebook personnel toured the Village of Los Lunas Facebook Facility. Currently, Facebook is constructing two buildings with the first building being completed Quarter One of 2019.

Each of the six buildings will be 500,000 square feet and each will take 18 months to build out.  On an average day, there are approximately 1,200 construction workers on site!

Brad Davis, the Economic Development Manager for Facebook, said that Facebook came to the Village of Los Lunas because of the welcoming attitude of the community and its pro-business reputation.

The picture below shows the entire Senate delegation on the roof of building one. Also pictured is the massive solar facility adjacent to the data center. If you want to do business in the Village of Los Lunas, please contact me.

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