Building one of the highest-capacity cables in the U.S. for the Los Lunas Data Center

Great news from the LOS LUNAS DATA CENTER · TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017!

At Facebook, our mission is to make the world more open and connected. To power this connectivity, we’re always evaluating new technology for the infrastructure powering our apps and services. In this case, we needed more ways to efficiently move data from our Los Lunas Data Center — once the facility goes live in 2018 — to the rest of our data center fleet.

To ensure our Los Lunas Data Center will have three diverse paths to move data, we are building a new, high-capacity, underground cable. These three paths support capacity demands on our data center and help ensure network availability — so you can always access your messages, photos, videos, and more.

When complete, this cable will stretch 200 miles and be one of the highest-capacity systems in the U.S. And, with state-of-the-art optical fiber being deployed, it will be 50% more efficient when moving information compared to most high-capacity cables previously built. Specifically, we can move information 50% farther without needing additional equipment to regenerate the signal — helping our bandwidth demands scale.

With this new cable, we’re one step closer to the Los Lunas Data Center becoming a cornerstone of our global infrastructure, and we’re doing so while supporting and investing in the local economy. We expect the construction of this new cable will lead to more than 50 jobs over the next year, which is in addition to the hundreds of jobs created by the building of our Los Lunas Data Center.

We love being in New Mexico, and we’re so grateful to Gov. Susana Martinez, as well as our federal, state, and local partners, for their ongoing support. At our very first meeting, Gov. Martinez made the case for the Land of Enchantment, and we’re glad she did. We’re excited to break ground on this new cable and invest in New Mexico’s continued success!