Businesses Los Lunas residents are demanding!

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The results are in. After getting 2,028 responses from Village residents, we now know what retailers our residents want in our community. With our population around 15,500, the survey results make up 13% of the Village population, making it a good indicator of what people want. The survey was broken down under the following business sectors: Restaurants, Clothing, Supermarkets, Ethnic Restaurants, Fast Food, Quick Take Out, Educational, Cultural Centers, Big Box Stores, Manufacturing, and the Top Three, which were Target, Costco, and Buffalo Wild Wings, which opened recently in the Village. The Village of Los Lunas is a hot retail market, so if you are a business owner or a franchise owner that is sitting on the fence regarding expanding your business operations, make a sensible decision and bring your business to the Village of Los Lunas.

For additional information, please contact:
Ralph L. Mims, Economic Development Manager

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Download the full Business Survey Results based on 2,028 Respondents