Church’s Chicken enjoyed the highest opening sales week in company history!

The Village of Los Lunas Church’s Chicken enjoyed the highest opening week of store sales in the history of the company…$81,000!

Once again the Village of Los Lunas is a gold mine for retail attraction and expansion in the State of New Mexico.

The Church’s Chicken in Los Lunas had a record-breaking opening week. Their sales numbers grossed over $81,000, which is the highest opening week in the history of the company domestically and internationally. This accomplishment proves my point, Los Lunas is an excellent market to do business!

With Facebook and other industry leaders bringing jobs and construction workers to our village, Los Lunas is prime for future retail announcements. The Village of Los Lunas’ continuous growth is also seen in the home building sector. We are happy to see more home builders moving into the village to increase our retail footprint expansion.

Pictured is the brisk activity in the restaurant during the ribbon cutting ceremony on March 3rd.
The ribbon cutting was attended by corporate officials from Church’s Chicken, Councilmembers Paulette Sanchez- Montoya and Christopher Ortiz.