The City Council for the Village of Los Lunas on Thursday, July 13th Voted & Selected WTI

The City Council for the Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico has voted to install the WILTECH TECHNOLOGY, INC. (“WTI”) 100% Off-Grid PolyGEN™ and Vertical Access Wind Turbine Renewable Solar Power System at its Recycle Center. This first USA installation will give the Village of Los Lunas an Environment of Energy Independence. Meaning, the WTI Solar Power System will be powered by and operated completely from natural energy – the sun and the wind. The WTI Solar System features a Vertical Integration mounted solar panel configuration which harnesses the direct and indirect energy of the sun. As the solar panels are mounted vertically on a pole, it does not utilize massive amounts of land space and is perfect for limited land space environments. For example: A WTI Solar System designed to produce TWO Megawatts of power will utilize less than one acre of land space. The WTI Solar System can be installed anywhere in the world, such as the North and South Poles, Deserts, etc. WTI Solar Systems can be designed to work on or off grid or as a combination of both and last for up to 25 years. The WTI system also allows unused stored energy to be returned to the grid. WILTECH TECHNOLOGY, INC. is honored to have been selected by the City Council for the Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico and is looking forward to expanding in the area providing economic support and employment opportunities.