Transportation Center Phase II Project

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Sites Southwest was commissioned by the Village of Los Lunas to master plan and then design the area that will become the Town Center for the Village focused around the existing Rail Runner Station.  The project includes land use planning, town center planning and streetscape planning and design and a new plaza for the village (its first).  The project includes land planning for institutional, commercial, residential and recreational uses.  The new plaza and connecting streetscapes will be the focus of design in 2013 and will include new landmarks and signage for the village intended to tie into the existing transportation center, a performance venue, landscaping and streetscapes with bus stops and drop off areas.  The pedestrian entry into the building will also be the focus of design efforts.

Phase II of the Transportation Center Improvements is focused on creating a centralized town center for the Village of Los Lunas. The site design provides 3 unique spaces: The North Plaza, The Courtyard, and The South Plaza and Drop-off. The North Plaza features a small stage and plentiful shade to facilitate social gatherings such as musical performances and other community events; it is also predominated by permeable pavement with a shallow water wicking system to provide the trees with an excellent growing medium. On Juan Perea Road the center will include a bus stop.  The Courtyard is enclosed by a stuccoed wall to match the transportation center; it provides a more intimate setting conducive to smaller, private gatherings with a demure water feature and plazuela with centralized seating area. The South Plaza is designed for pedestrian traffic between the Rail Runner station and the permeable paved loading and unloading zone at Juan Perea Road. It features several landscaped berms with seating areas with a dense canopy of Cottonwood trees that will provide refuge from the sun.

For additional information, please contact:
Christina Ainsworth, Community Development Director

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The site plan for the current Phase II construction that is underway now.


The conceptual site plan for the Transportation Center area, produced in 2013.

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