Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness will hold their Grand Opening this Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.! The newest gym in the Village of Los Lunas is located in the Smith’s Shopping Center at the intersection of NM HWY 47 and Main Street.

There will be free food from The Branch Bistro, Bookstore and Music and Bon Bon to be Wild with catering from Subway. Door prizes will be given away and a raffle will be held with proceeds going to Paws and Stripes, which pairs shelter dogs with veterans who have PTSD.

Free small group training sessions will be held on a first come, first serve basis at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m.

During Memorial Day Weekend, there will be free enrollment with one month free and 50% off security activation. In addition, the first 50 members to sign up get a free swag bag.

Anytime Fitness Los Lunas is just what the name implies – a fitness facility available for use by members any time of the day or night.

Tyler and Victoria Garrett are the owners of Anytime Fitness. Tyler said he wants the new facility to create a sense of community for the Los Lunas members. He adds that he wants every member to know how to use each piece of equipment in the gym, to know the benefits of that equipment, and not be afraid to put it in their routine.

Anytime Fitness offers Body Composition Analysis. The EVOLT body scanner breaks down not only body fat and muscle, but also bone density, body balance and hydration.  It will also show the body’s macros to help attain healthy goals. Heart rate monitoring with the Accurofit system and heart rate trackers show how much effort is being expended and whether the fat-burning zone has been attained. The cardio equipment is interactive and adjusts the elevation and resistance on the terrain on the monitor.

The strength equipment at Anytime Fitness includes:

  • dumbbells
  • weighted barbells
  • an area for bench press
  • squats
  • deadlift bars
  • a smith machine
  • cable machines
  • kettlebells
  • battle ropes
  • punching bag
  • box jumps
  • resistance bands
  • strength machines for targeting major muscle groups for a full body workout.

Fitness Classes routines vary and are offered as part of the basic membership. Anytime Fitness members can connect to a personal trainer through the AF app at any time for any reason. In addition, the app has a catalog of workouts to create routines, shows how to perform each exercise, and keeps track of your exercising so you can continue to improve!

Anytime Fitness is located at 2510 Main St.NE Suites N and L, phone 505 375-2400. Check out Anytime Fitness in Los Lunas on Facebook.