Church’s Chicken VIP/Soft Opening was a Huge Success This Saturday!

This Sat, January 28th, hundreds of people were in attendance for Church’s Chicken VIP/Soft Opening of the new Church’s Chicken restaurant in the Village of Los Lunas. The restaurant is located at the SE corner of Los Lentes and Main Street. The crowd was so large, staff had to turn away hundreds of people that were eager to attend the soft opening. The soft opening was important to train the new staff so they can deal with the influx of people that will be waiting on line at 10am today to start buying chicken! The Los Lunas Church’s Chicken will be open for business today Monday, Jan. 30th from 10am-10pm. Finally, I would like to thank Council Members, Paulette-Sanchez Montoya, Gerard Saiz and Gino Romero for their attendance and participation in this event.