Ariel view of facebook campus in Los Lunas

Facebook Expands Data Center, adds WiFi & Solar

Facebook announced a two-building expansion of its Los Lunas data center, expansion of WiFi throughout Valencia County and two new solar projects. Once completed, the nearly 3.8 million-square-foot data center will represent an investment of nearly $2 billion and will support more than 400 operational jobs.

“We are committed to supporting this community, and we know water is an important issue in New Mexico. We have a new goal to restore 200% of the water our data center consumes into the New Mexico watersheds. To date, we have invested in a total of five local water restoration projects, and in 2020, these projects restored approximately 64 million gallons of water in New Mexico. Through these projects, our Los Lunas Data Center already restores more water than it consumes, and as we continue to grow, we want to make sure we are doing our part to replenish New Mexico’s water resources through additional partnerships with local environmental organizations,” Facebook said in a written statement.

Additionally, the company is partnering with Lokket and Valencia County to bring free WiFi to up to 900 homes in the area. Facebook’s $225,000 grant will be used to deploy and install hardware in homes throughout eastern Valencia County and place distribution points on fire stations, schools and other buildings in the area. Since 2017, Facebook has provided over $2.3 million in grants and donations to local organizations.

Facebook is also adding two new solar projects to its portfolio—a 190MW project in Valencia County and a 50MW project in Sandoval County. That brings Facebook’s investment to 10 new renewable energy projects across six counties in New Mexico. During their construction, these projects are supporting 1,400 construction jobs and providing $120 million in construction labor income.

“Facebook has and continues to be a valued member of our community. It goes without saying that the economic impacts along with the direct and indirect jobs created from this project have been felt throughout the state, but it’s our residents, local businesses, schools, and nonprofits that have largely benefited from having one of the most high-tech and recognized brands in the world be located within the Village of Los Lunas Village. We are beyond excited about their expansion and continued investment in the community,” said Village of Los Lunas Mayor Charles Griego.

“As the second fastest growing community outside of the Albuquerque metro, the Village of Los Lunas is excited to have Facebook expand their data center campus. It’s a true testament to our business-friendly environment and their continued commitment to be a true community partner. The impacts of this project have touched many facets of community and economic development from new housing developments, retail, and other ancillary businesses that have relocated to be closer to the action. We’re excited to be growing together, hand in hand with the Los Lunas Data Center campus,” added Kristen Gamboa, Economic Development Director at the Village of Los Lunas.