New Study from SmartAsset Ranks the Village of Los Lunas One of the Top 10 Places to Retire in NM

Los Lunas and the Central NM Region will benefit from the Facebook Data Center Project!

SmartAsset just released a new study ranking the Village of Los Lunas as one of the top 10 best places to retire in New Mexico. The study compares various factors for a successful retirement; such as financial burdens, social life, and easily accessible medical care.

Recognizing both income and sales tax (state and federal), the Village of Los Lunas effective tax rate is at 16.6% when the nationwide average is 17.2%. This percentage is calculated based on an average retiree earning $35,000 annually, from retirement savings, social security or part-time employment, and buying taxable goods from their disposable income. Looking at the 16.6% burden, the Village of Los Lunas has the second-best rate compared to the other top 10 places in New Mexico.

Considering social aspects in the community, the Village of Los Lunas has 14.4% of its total population as seniors. Given this percentage, there are 0.5 recreation centers per thousand people. These numbers show how the Village of Los Lunas is a retirement friendly community, giving plenty of opportunities to participate in senior activities amongst people in the same age group.

Another benefit to retiring in the Village of Los Lunas is that we have a higher number of doctors’ offices to help with all types of medical care needs. There are 1.5 doctors’ offices per thousand people in the Village. This is above the national average and the New Mexico state average, both being at 0.8 doctors’ offices per thousand people.

This table from SmartAsset lists and compares all the top 10 places to retire in New Mexico:

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