New Wind and Solar Farms Could Power the Los Lunas Facebook’s Data Center

With the new Facebook facility coming to the Village of Los Lunas, PNM wants to make this facility environmentally friendly. To accomplish this, PNM is proposing to add 266 megawatts of new wind and solar farms to power the Los Lunas Facebook Data Center. This proposal can be filed thanks to the Public Regulation Commission (PRC)’s approval of the green energy tariff.

Since Facebook has fast-tracked the construction plans for the facility, PNM is seeking that PRC expedites the approval of their solar farm proposal. PNM wants PRC commissioners to directly hear the case, rather than sending it first to hearing examiners for recommendations, potentially paving the way for approval by April 4.

The Vice President for External Affairs for PNM, Becky Teague, describes how the partnership between Facebook and PNM is great for all the parties involved. “We look forward to working with Facebook and the commission on these new projects that will do even more to help the environment as well as bolster economic development,” said Ms. Teague.