Solid Waste Division Recently Recognized in National Publication

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The Village of Los Lunas’ recycling program finds opportunities with new glass crushing plant.

A community that works together can accomplish big things. And with initiatives like recycling programs, community involvement can determine success or failure. The Village of Los Lunas has seen success firsthand with the community’s glass recycling efforts. The high level of resident participation, along with the help of a local glass crusher manufacturer, encouraged the Los Lunas recycling program to capitalize on gall diversion by finding opportunities to reuse and sell glass byproduct. It also helped the city expand the life of its landfill and progress an achieving its zero-waste goals.

The Village of Los Lunas’ Solid Waste Division provides convenient and sanitary collection and disposal of solid waste for residents. In addition, the division strives to expand recycling awareness and participation by providing onsite commercial business cardboard pickup as well as maintaining a state-registered recycling drop-off location for No. 1-7 plastics, glass, cardboard, paper and aluminum. The Los Lunas Recycling program began in 1993 and has the goal to continue to expand recycling efforts to protect natural resources and the environment while reducing landfill costs and generation revenue from recyclable materials.

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Source: WasteAdvatage Magazine. May 2016, Volume 7, Number 5.