Walmart Distribution Center 20th Anniversary

The Walmart Distribution Center celebrates twenty years in Los Lunas in February 2019. When the Walmart Distribution Center opened in 1999 on the mesa west of Interstate 25, it was about the only thing in the area. Now there are houses, stores and businesses that did not exist twenty years ago.

The distribution center does just what its name implies, distributes 250,000 cases of merchandise each day to 98 Walmart stores in New Mexico, West Texas and Southern Colorado. This merchandise is delivered to the 980,000 square foot distribution center by various trucking companies. Distribution center associates load 135 to 170 semi-trucks a day which travel an average of 224 miles per delivery trip. Almost 600 people work at the distribution center, with 342 from Valencia County. Starting wage is $15.80 per hour.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of our Walmart Distribution Center in Los Lunas,” said distribution center manager John Rencher. “Los Lunas has a strong sense of community and culture that make it so enjoyable to live and work here.”

“Our associates make this center more than a warehouse and this village means a lot to all of us. We are committed members of the community and we’re so proud to call Los Lunas home.”

Rencher points out that the center and associates have donated time, money and merchandise to a variety of causes in Valencia County. Rencher, a twenty-one-year Walmart employee, has been the manager in Los Lunas for 14 months.

The Walmart Distribution Center is located at 670 Los Morros Road NW, phone 505 866-8600. The center operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year (the center is closed Christmas Day).